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Stearns Wholesale provides our brokers with powerful tools, personal attention and a convenient purchase hub. With more than 30 years of mortgage lending experience—and as a top wholesale lender—you'll find that we offer you a solid foundation with a continued commitment to innovation.

Our competitive product solutions enable you to offer your clients an array of mortgage options, each of which are designed to meet the unique needs of today's borrowers. We maintain this competitiveness by taking the time to listen to your input and leveraging that feedback into action.

Stearns has a robust retail channel with a variety of direct-to-consumer mortgage offerings. In order to provide the most comprehensive home financing experience, we have built solid relationships with real estate agents, builders, financial planners, attorneys and other affiliated professionals.

Our experienced Mortgage Loan Originators (MLOs) backed by a dedicated in-house loan processing, underwriting and closing team ensures that each customer's loan application is processed promptly and accurately, resulting in on-time closings.

Stearns Lending is the industry leader in developing and managing successful, profitable, and compliant lending partnerships. As a preferred partner, you'll receive the support of a national lender, while maintaining your  business identity. You retain your brand, you team, and continue to benefit from the culture you have already established.

Here are just a few benefits of partnering with Stearns:

  • Scalable, financially stable, and mature originations platform is designed to perform in any mortgage market creating a reliable partnership.
  • Industry-leading origination practices and customer-centric service ensures the ability to operate a compliant and profitable partnership.
  • Leverage a proven technology platform and structure. Our Digital Mortgage originations and e-close platform transforms a complex mortgage process into a simple and intuitive consumer experience.
Case Study: Founded in 2000, Certainty Home Loans became a Preferred Partner of Stearns Lending in 2018 to further their vision – ensuring confidence throughout every step of their customer’s homebuying journey.
Working with Stearns is the best of both worlds. We have retained our culture and company feel, and still have all the benefits of scale and execution working with Stearns and Blackstone. It’s been a Win-Win for everyone involved” said Jim Clapp, President of Certainty Home Loans.
This partnership has enabled Certainty to provide a seamless loan process to their customers, while still delivering unparalleled customer service. And in a world where we don’t always meet our customers face-to-face, the Digital Mortgage and e-close platforms are instrumental to continued success.

You already have what it takes to succeed in residential real estate or home construction. Now it’s time for a new strategy that builds your business by transforming your customers’ purchase experience: a home financing joint venture with Stearns Lending.


As part of our joint venture family, you’ll receive the support of a national lender who will provide what you need to expedite your clients’ home buying process.

You’ll benefit from everything Stearns brings to your business, including:
  • A lending process that provides what clients want most … a faster path to closing*
  • Extensive experience in managing standalone, independent mortgage companies
  • 400+ home financing products to enable you to qualify and close sales with more prospective buyers
  • A state-of-the-art originations platform, supported by Stearns IT professionals
  • Shared backing of The Blackstone Group, with capital and expertise to thrive in any market environment
* According to a 2019 survey, 95% of homebuyers would consider a one-stop shopping model to purchase their home: Source


Explore the Future of Your Joint Venture Opportunity with Stearns Lending
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The Non-Delegated Correspondent business unit typically sells its originated mortgages to other lenders. The Correspondent performs a portion, or all, of the loan processing functions starting with the mortgage application throughout the entire process.

Although there are variations, the Correspondent may or may not have delegated underwriting. They fund the loans at settlement and may or may not service the mortgage. In some cases, the Correspondent commissions a mortgage broker to perform some of the processing functions.

The Stearns Financial Institutions Group® (FIG) is the only FIG endorsed by the American Bankers Association (ABA) for Fulfillment and Correspondent Services.

Established in 1998, FIG offers flexible lending approaches for banks and credit unions of varying sizes, while still being able to offer discounts on services. (CU Partners is a sub-set of FIG, serving Credit Unions in California.) Strategic offerings include:
• Private Label for Retail Lending
• "Plug and Play" Microsite Solution
• Multi-Channel Capabilities