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How A Joint Venture With Stearns Benefits Builders

Although your model homes and sales offices are designed to attract potential buyers, let’s take a closer look at the people who visit them. Generally, your sales agents will be greeting two types of prospects:
1. Prospects who have already secured financing for one of your homes
2. Prospects who have NOT secured lending for one of your homes – or any other home
You already know which ones are most likely to sign a purchase contract. With Stearns Lending as your joint venture partner, prospects can pre-qualify for financing and sign a purchase agreement without leaving your business.

Improve Your Customers’ Experience. Build Retention.

  • Fast in-house loan processing, underwriting and closing
  • Over 400 loan products that enable you to qualify more prospects, including self-employed buyers and those with credit challenges
  • Marketing, communications and retention services for your sales agents

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Case History: KB Home

Stearns’ relationship with KB Home began in 2017. By 2018, volume production growth increased 187%. KB Home delivered 11,317 homes and banked $4.5 billion in revenue, rising to the rank of #5 Builder in the United States.

In just two years, annual production volume reached $2.2 billion and achieved a 70% capture rate. Currently, KB Home is consistently gaining the industry’s highest customer service scores from buyers.
“Our joint venture with Stearns is continuing to elevate its execution by providing high levels of customer service to our home buyers while supporting our divisions with greater predictability and deliveries. In the 3rd quarter of 2019, the year-over-year capture rate advanced from 55% to 72%.”  
-- Jeffrey Metzger, CEO of KB Homes  

Partner With Our Team To Grow Yours

With a 30-year history of innovation, Stearns Lending is led by mortgage industry executives who share successful track records.
“A successful joint venture doesn’t happen by accident. Merging two organizations into a powerful JV requires an unwavering commitment to understanding the nuances of each company and providing leadership to build upon the collective strengths.”  
-- Steve Stein, President of Stearns Ventures